For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many

Community Leadership,  Access to Sacraments, Pastoral Care

Please Donate

Please donate for the specific purpose of retaining a dedicated priest for the St. Andrew’s community

  • Lead Community Worship: Celebrate the Eucharist

  • Lead Community Engagement

  • Lead Community Ministry helping people cope with transitions

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Please Donate


We are asking you to make a financial contribution to the St. Andrew’s Clergy Fund. The express purpose of this fund is to retain a dedicated Missional Priest to lead St. Andrew’s Church and Community Ministry in Stamford, Connecticut.

We are a diverse congregation in race, ancestry and world view, yet we share devotion in Jesus Christ and loyalty to the principles of the Episcopal Church. We are asking for you to help us so that we can recruit and retain a priest who will help lead us on our journey of faith, community, service and love. Our downtown Stamford location is an ideal place to embrace both college students and professional families who have relocated to our city. We have introduced new ministries such as YogaMass, Angel Choir and the Supper Club. We continue to offer an affordable early child education school to the community at large.

We have established a framework of spiritual nourishment to the community that offers meaning, energy and inspiration. In today’s disconnected world we provide you with a place to come together, to wish, to dream, to play and to pray.

Community is the antidote to the anonymous animosity and polarity sown by social media.

St. Andrew’s operates upon a subsistence budget. Ten years ago in the eye of the financial crisis the parish sold the land that held its fallow rectory. The monies from this sale and contributions from the congregation and community at large has sustained the parish to this inflection point. Today, we operate without a dedicated priest and offer Sunday worship with supply clergy. We want to do more.

Please Donate


I feel a consistent presence in the pulpit will provide us with the nourishment we need to continue to spread our message and grow our family.
— Susan Bolognino Stamford resident and Saint Andrews parishoner
I believe a priest community leader that offers the sacraments is essential to our common civic life and will enrich the soul of our city.
— Matt Ferguson, Senior Warden
People ask me how I have stayed strong through a very challenging life. I have two secrets: my love of family, and my relationship with Jesus in the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the golden thread that keeps me together and stitches up the torn fragments of my dreams. It keeps me strong and gives me hope. I cannot imagine life without the Eucharist, the essential presence of Jesus in my life. And now my beloved community Parish needs a dedicated Priest to consecrate the Eucharist and lead our community worship. Please help.
— Arlene Benedict, parishioner

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